Master Advanced Skills Elevate Your Success in Your Business as a Buyers Agent
Master the practical tools you need to win even more business, help more clients, train your employees effectively, and gain an unfair advantage over your competition. With expert advice and one-on-one coaching from one of Australia's leading Buyers Agents, you can take your business as a Buyers Agent to the next level and start achieving the financial freedom you've been dreaming of.
*12 in-depth modules. 12 months of mentoring & private coaching.
of Homes
Co-host of Location Location Location Australia on The Lifestyle Channel
Podcast Host, TV Host, Author, and No BS Mentor
"I have known Veronica Morgan for over 20 years and she has steadfastly stood by her values and principles every step of the way in her real estate career. A highly regarded industry professional, she has excelled in her roles as Sales Agent, Buyers Agent as well as industry influencer, commentator, speaker, and trainer. Veronica knows her stuff better than most and there is no one more highly qualified to listen to if you seek to advance your career and business."
John Cunningham
Managing Director
Cunninghams RE & Past President REINSW
Elevate Your Business Potential & See Your Profits Rise
If you're like me, you're passionate about being a Buyers Agent for all the right reasons. Your motivation isn't about flashy cars or reality TV stardom; it's about making a genuine impact in your client's lives. Chances are, you want to:
● Confidently guide your clients to make better purchasing decisions.
● Help make property acquisitions that will stand the test of time.
● Make a positive difference in a sometimes shallow and 'salesy' industry.
● Provide sound, evidence-based advice to empower your clients.
... all while running rings around your competition, of course. No matter how large or small your business, you understand the value of hard work and are willing to put in the effort to achieve the life you've always envisioned.
So Why Does Running the Kind of Business That Works for YOU Often Feel out of Reach?
Running a successful business is no easy feat, and when it comes to being a Buyers Agent, the challenges are particularly demanding. The relentless hours, ceaseless property hunts, financial unpredictability, and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge can sometimes feel like an uphill climb. If pure determination were all it took to ensure success, you would have outpaced your competition long ago.
The reality is that truly excelling as a Buyers Agent requires more than just relentless effort; it calls for a unique blend of skills and expertise that is seldom taught when you get your licence.
Perhaps you've found yourself facing these common challenges in your journey as a Buyers Agent:
● Do you feel unsure of what path to take next to accelerate your business and achieve financial freedom? And you want advanced, practical strategies to guide you on the next steps so that you can finally reach your goals...

Do you wish you had more access to industry best practices? But you feel as if you're on your own with no network, or the network you do have is guarded about how they do things...

Do you often feel like, even with multiple staff, you have to 'do it all'? And you want proven strategies to streamline your operation so that you can sleep at night knowing that things are being done to a high standard without you having to be across every little thing...

 Do you feel like you should finally be reaping the rewards of your efforts and hard work, but the workload is neverending? And you want access to advice to help you train your team so that you can offload some of your stress and start working more efficiently...

 Have you found yourself feeling like you want to make a change in your business and do things differently? And you believe that accountability and support from an expert will ensure you accelerate your progress...
● Do you wish you had someone to turn to, to bounce ideas off? But those in your network are also your competition, so going it alone just feels safer.
If you resonate with any of the above, or you're just craving clear direction on how to take your business as a Buyers Agent to new heights, you're in the right place.
The Reality is, the path to Success as a Buyers Agent Is Rarely a Straight Line
Many Buyers Agents have invested their time and effort to earn their qualifications and build a business - only to discover that their ability to excel and reach their long-term goals remains a challenge.
While your licensing course and experience up until now may have provided a broad overview of the real estate industry, you need to continually upskill and improve if you want continued success. Skills such as due diligence, offer structuring, negotiation tactics, and safeguarding your professional reputation.
When you find yourself caught in a cycle where you need to take a step back from your business to grow your business (and there's just never enough time) what can you do? If you've encountered this familiar dilemma, I'm here to help.
Hi, I'm Veronica Morgan...
One of Australia's Leading Buyers Agents, Real Estate Media Personality and Experienced Coach
I've been in the real estate business for more than 22 years (and on the buying side of the fence for over 15). In 2009, I set up my boutique Buyers Agency, advocating for home buyers and training up a new generation of agents. It breaks my heart to see agents so full of potential and optimism who end up dejected, burnt out, and struggling to achieve their goals.
Instead, I want to make it easy for you to succeed as a Buyers Agent, and receive advice from someone who has been where you are now and forged a no-BS pathway through.
Are You Ready to Stop Standing in Your Own Way and Finally Run a Truly Exceptional Buyers Agency?
So you can help more clients, stand out amongst your competition, and run the kind of business that you're proud of. My practical training and hands-on, personal mentoring & private coaching have never been offered like this, until now. I want to share what I have learned and taught for decades to a wider audience, so you can start running a more efficient, effective and profitable business.
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Access a Proven Roadmap That Allows You To:
Make good choices and recommendations for your clients as a true expert with unshakable confidence.

Pinpoint your values and what you truly stand for to avoid conflicts of interest and serve your clients with integrity.

Define what makes you unique so you can rise to the top of your competition faster, win more business and lifelong clients.

Provide real value to your clients by knowing what data and information you need on hand at all times.

Stop feeling overwhelmed as a business owner by applying proven systems to streamline your operation.

Ensure you have the right processes in place so that you can delegate to others effectively and stop trying to 'do it all'.

It's time to pull the trigger and follow a proven pathway to success as a Buyers Agent so that your business can reach its true potential.
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Elevate Your Competitive Advantage with Our 12-Month Buyers Agent Coaching Program
Whether you're currently working solo as a Buyers Agent, or you have a small team, a coach can be the difference between years of trial and error, and a fulfilling, highly successful business. As a member of the Buyers Agent Coaching Program, you'll have monthly 1:1 sessions with me, plus access to a sounding board for training, advice, and answers that could knock years off your pathway to success as a Buyers Agent.
Add to that our 12 modules of powerful, in-depth training, weekly live Momentum Sessions for accountability, and new Masterclasses delivered every month (plus access for up to four of your team), and you'll learn how to confidently set the right systems in place to do things even more efficiently, effectively, and successfully. Once you're a member, you'll gain a sense of relief knowing you no longer have to go it alone.
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Warning: I'm Not Here to Tell You That Success Can Happen Overnight
As you already know, being a Buyers Agent requires a lot of hard work, hustle, and dedication - perhaps more than most businesses. Is it worth it? Absolutely. But is it possible to become an overnight success? No way
This coaching program distils over 20 years of my experience to help you upskill and avoid the trial and error that can stand in the way of your success. By focusing your energy and attention onto ongoing learning, growing your network, and developing your reputation, you can feel more settled and confident in your business.
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Let's Take a Closer Look at the Curriculum We'll Cover Inside:
Module 1 - Basic Principles
Gain a practical understanding of what should be common knowledge (but isn't) in our industry. In this module, you'll learn:
  • The widely varying licensing pathways from state to state, so you know exactly what boxes to tick before advancing your business further.
  • Property Advisor VS Buyers Agents - what's the difference and which pathway opens you up to the most opportunities.
  • Why benchmarking your results is the only way to really know whether you're making good choices and recommendations for your clients or not.
Module 2 - What Makes a GREAT Buyers Agent?
Uncover the truth about what you actually need to succeed as a Buyers Agent. In this module, you'll learn:
  • What several industry experts deem the most important characteristics you need to have as a Buyers Agent.
  • Why clarity around your values and what you stand for can make or break you in an unpredictable industry.
  • The SIMPLE communication strategy to help you deliver uncomfortable news with confidence, so you can provide the guidance your clients need.
Module 3 - Your Value Proposition
Walk through a process that cost me years (and tens of thousands of dollars in learning) to refine to identify your unique value proposition. In this module, you'll discover:
  • How to pinpoint your unique point of difference, and go beyond the run-of-the-mill pitch that makes every BA sound the same.
  • MYTHS BUSTED: The 3 most common myths of what makes a 'good pitch' and why these mistakes could cost you hundreds of clients and thousands of dollars.
  • The down-low on crafting the perfect pitch that is authentic to you, unique from your competition, and able to win you more business.
Module 4 - Dealing With Clients
Getting a client is hard work. Dealing with them is the next challenge. Now you've won a client's business - what do you do next?! In this module, we'll walk through:
  • How to set expectations that you can actually deliver on for a stress-free and even enjoyable process.
  • Turning a client into an advocate for your services, so you can all but guarantee they'll refer you to family and friends.
  • SIMPLE ways to handle difficult clients and diffuse small tensions in seconds.
Module 5 – Dealing With Agents
As a BA, you need to learn how to deal with agents of all shapes and sizes (and the good, bad and ugly egos). In this module, we'll look at:
  • 8 different agent profiles and how to recognise them, know what motivates them, and masterful negotiation tips for each.
  • The #1 thing agents use to get information out of you, and how you can be prepared to counteract at all times.
  • How to build and grow your network with agents so you'll establish relationships that ensure every party wins.
Module 6 – Data & Technology for Success
Data and technology are essential to help you succeed - but they can also cause a lot of overwhelm. In this module, you'll learn:
  • What data you actually need access to for your clients, and where to find that information online.
  • Data Danger Zones: why relying on price estimation tools could be the biggest mistake you make in business.
  • The essential software and apps to invest in without breaking the bank.
Module 7 – Due Diligence Part #1
Avoid mistakes that could cost you clients, your reputation, and even your business. In this module, we'll cover:
  • Making the invisible visible - how to set yourself apart as an agent by offering deeper research and helping your clients avoid buying mistakes.
  • What to look for at property inspections to ensure nothing slips through the cracks (and no awkward conversations ensue!)
  • Due diligence with in-depth pricing research and vendor disclosures and non-disclosures for total confidence that your clients aren't getting ripped off.
Module 8 – Due Diligence Part #2
As a BA, it's your responsibility to discover the discoverable, and alert your client to anything you can't find out - so where do you start? In this module, you'll learn:
  • How to avoid your client inheriting someone else's unfinished business with clarity on ALL past renovations and building works.
  • The best way to navigate the tricky business of buying strata properties so you can provide the best advice to your clients.
  • How to research the property's rental and renovation potential so your client knows exactly what they're getting into with the purchase.
Module 9 – Doing Deals
Aka, the 'fun' stuff of being a Buyers Agent! In this module, we'll dive deep into:
  • How to tell if an agent is bluffing to get more money out of your client, and when you should call their bluff.
  • Making a bulletproof offer that isn't easily swayed by an agent's fake urgency or tricks.
  • Mastering auctions: the 5 mistakes to avoid making, and how to stay strong right up until that gavel falls.
Module 10 – Protecting Your Business
Future-proof your business to weather any storm in this unpredictable industry. In this module, we'll look at:
  • How to protect the greatest asset your business has: YOU. Learn the top ways to avoid burnout to keep your own mental and physical health strong.
  • Keeping your reputation safe in a job that lives and dies on how other people see you.
  • Staying compliant and reducing financial risks so you know your business is rock-solid for the future.
Module 11 – Finding Clients (Who Become Lifelong Referrals)
By now, you'll know how to serve your clients... but where do you get them in the first place? In this module, you'll learn:
  • The #1 way to attract the right clients and win their business (hint: relationships are key).
  • How to hack your sales funnel to make your business magnetic to ideal clients and have them approaching you.
  • 6 things to NEVER forget to authentically find clients and turn them into lifelong advocates for your services.
Module 12 – Momentum Session
It's important to me that you get maximum benefit from this program, which is why this final module pulls everything together to identify gaps and propel you forward. In this module, we'll cover:
  • A reflection on where you've come from, where you're at now, and where you want to be.
  • The best next steps to develop your business, build your network, and win more clients.
  • How to expand your skills and knowledge, and what ongoing development options are available.
If you Qualify to Join, You'll Also Receive These Powerful Bonuses to Multiply Your Success:

Hard copy of my well-renowned book, Auction Ready: How to Buy Property at Auction Even Though You're Scared S#!tless. (Valued at $29.95)

90-minutes of one-on-one coaching with me every month. You can have this in one block, or two or three. Your choice. (Valued at $10,710)  
Unlimited access to our group forum & your own private thread where you can post questions and receive feedback. (Valued at $885)
Weekly group momentum sessions
to keep ahead of the curve, ensure best practise and leverage the power of peer mentoring. (Valued at $9,750)
Join the 12-Month Buyers Agent Coaching Program Today
12 Modules of Powerful Pre-Recorded Training
(Valued at $6,600)
Weekly Live Group Momentum Sessions for Accountability
(Valued at $9,750)
Access to Training Library
(Valued at $6,600 and growing)
Monthly Live Masterclasses
(Valued at $6,600 and growing)
Templates and Checklists to Take Your Learning to the Next Level
(Valued at $199)
Monthly 90-Minute One-on-One Coaching with Veronica
(Valued at $21,420)
Copy of Auction Ready: How to Buy Property at Auction Even Though You're Scared S#!tless
(Valued at $29.95)
NSW Real Estate Licence Holders will accrue up to 6 CPD hours of elective topics
REIV Members will accrue up to 12 CPD points
REIQ members will accrue up to 35 CPD points
(Valued from $249)
Unlimited Access to Members Forum + Your Own Private Thread
(Valued at $2,310)

Total Value: from $53,758

Apply Today for: $3,300 per month*
*Incuding GST. 12-month commitment.
Or one up-front payment of $33,000*
*Including GST.
Ready to apply? The application process is easy.
(Please note, spaces in the Coaching Program are limited due to Veronica's availability for 1:1 sessions.)
Complete the application form with some information about yourself, your goals, and your business.
If eligible, we'll be in touch to arrange a one-on-one call to make sure we're a good fit to work together over the next 12 months.
Apply Today Risk-Free With Our "Better BA" Guarantee
I am so confident that this program will give you the confidence and skills you've been wanting to level up your BA career. If for any reason though you're not satisfied with the program, and aren't sure it will make you a better Buyers Agent in 12 months, that's okay. Here's my guarantee to you:
If you've joined with an upfront payment... enjoy peace of mind knowing you can cancel anytime within your first 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
If you join on a monthly basis... you're also free to cancel anytime with no more money owed.
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The Buyers Agent Coaching Program is Right for You If...
● You have a burning passion to be a leading Buyers Agent and become a trusted advisor and are striving for mastery.
● You're already working as a Buyers Agent but you know you've only just scratched the surface of your potential.
● You're disturbed by the shallowness of some aspects of the property industry and want to make a positive difference.
● You know that this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme or a side hustle - it's your business.
● You value the importance of providing sound, evidence-based property advice.
● You want to become a more organised, productive Buyers Agent by implementing practical strategies for success in your business.
That's Me! Apply Now
FYI, This Program is NOT For You If...
● You think you're a "Million Dollar Listing" star in the making.
● You're looking for shortcuts (you'll learn a lot of things faster in this program, but you will still need to get runs on the board the old-fashioned way, through experience).
● You think success is measured in how many properties someone owns (or buys).
● You think hot-spotting is the holy grail and all you have to do is master the data.
● You don't want to be challenged.
● You don't really care about your clients as much as you care about money, fame or reputation.
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Hear From These Thriving Students...
"Genuinely best session so far. The layers are making sense. As a newbie trying to build a business as we are doing this, I'm probably more impatient for info compared to a wannabe...There's definitely value to be able to get practical action from a session.
That's what I was looking for. I don't want to copy anyone's business model but I wanted to get the practical stuff I need to develop... but also reassurance that what I am doing so far is the right thing."
"The program has given me much more clarity around what I still need to put in place to be comfortable that the service I am offering is top shelf."
"The big takeaway for me is the rigor I need to build around systems and processes...I've found the resources you have provided really useful... In many instances the content is confirming my thoughts and views on many topics, which is especially useful to help me go forward - because when you work for/with yourself all day everyday, there's just no-one to bounce this stuff off! Appreciate everything you are sharing with us."
 What Sets The Buyers Agent Mentoring Program Apart: 
Learn from an industry expert
Ditch the theory and learn the real-world, valuable skills that made me one of Australia's leading Buyers Agents. Access tools and advice you can implement immediately in your own business.
No BS coaching style
Let's be honest: there are a lot of shonks spreading a lot of lies in the property industry. With me, you'll gain a real understanding of what it means and what it takes to be a leading Buyers Agent.
Tailored specifically to Buyers Agents
So much of the study required to get your licence is simply irrelevant to Buyers Agents (hello, useless marketing modules). Not here. Access valuable, practical, and highly applicable information designed for you.
Designed to give you a Return On Investment
Learn priceless skills and systems faster than you would have before so you can land clients more easily, buy more houses, and make more money. Success with this course means it'll pay for itself in spades.
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Meet your Coach:
Veronica Morgan
I've been a Buyers Agent since way back in 2007. I'm the founder of Good Deeds Property Buyers and also the:
● Co-founder of Home Buyer Academy
● Co-host of Location Location Location Australia TV show
● Co-host of Relocation Relocation Australia TV show
● Co-host of The Elephant in the Room podcast
● Co-host of Your First Home Buyer Guide podcast
● Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor and more.
So, I've been around for a while and kind of know my stuff. I've also developed a reputation for my no-bullshit style. I'm sick of the misinformation and lies in the industry, and am committed to providing a clearer path for Buyers Agents to learn what they really need to know.
Our industry and our clients deserve Buyers Agents who are exceptional at what they do and have the integrity to go with it. That's why I've designed this program – to help you elevate your clients' lives and your own.
Work With Veronica
This is your invitation to have one of Australia's leading Buyers Agents on your side... So what do you say?
You don't need to go it alone any longer. All you need is the right information and the right coaching, and you can move your business forward with confidence, help more people, and transform your life. Apply for the 12-Month Buyers Agent Coaching Program today, and let's partner together to make this your reality sooner.
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Veronica Morgan
Frequently Asked Questions
How much are you (Veronica) actually involved? I've joined groups and courses before and been palmed off to graduates instead of the founder.
Intensely involved. I'll be running many of the momentum sessions, answering forum questions and delivering new content along the way.
How will you deliver the coaching?
You have 90 minutes a month. How you use that is up to you. When you sign up, we'll agree on a cadence. You could choose to have one 90-minute session every month on the same day. Or perhaps you'd like to lock in an hour and keep a 30-minute session flexible for "emergencies". You choose, I'm here to help you be the best Buyers Agent you can be.
We'll meet via Zoom.
How long will each weekly Q&A session run for?
Each weekly live momentum session will run for 60 minutes.
Will the sessions be recorded?
The weekly live momentum sessions will not be recorded but the monthly masterclasses are delivered live and recorded for those who cannot make it.
You are free to record your own personal coaching sessions.
I hold a NSW real estate licence, how do I get CPD points?
Once you have completed all 12 modules of the online course, you will have accrued up to 6 hours of learning that can be put towards your CPD for that year.
Please note that the Essential Topics are NOT covered in the Buyers Agent Coaching Program, so you will need to complete those with an RTO.
Once you have completed the 12 modules, if you're a class 2 licensee, you will get a certificate to show you have completed 3 hours of Elective Topics. If you're a class 1 licensee, you will get a certificate to show you have completed 3 hours of Elective Topics and another certificate to show you have completed 3 hours of Business Skills Topics.
I am an REIV member, how do I get CPD points?
The REIV will allow you to claim up to a maximum of 12 CPD points as long as you have completed the 12 training modules and completed a minimum of 8 monthly masterclasses. They will allocate 4 points for completion of the 12 training modules and 1 point per masterclass. You will receive a certificate to show the points you have earned during the CPD year.
REIV members can apply for their points via their REIV member portal.
I am an REIQ member, how do I get CPD points?
The REIQ will allow you to claim up to a maximum of 35 CPD points as long as you have completed the 12 training modules and completed a minimum of 10 monthly masterclasses. This applies as long as you have not exceeded the maximum allocation of 35 points for external courses not provided by the REIQ. They will allocate 25 points for completion of the 12 training modules and 1 point per masterclass. You will receive a certificate to show the points you have earned during the CPD year.

REIQ members can apply for their points via their REIQ member portal.

Can I have ongoing access to the Q&A Forum/membership to ask questions and receive coaching?
Absolutely, for as long as you remain a member! I envisage that you'll want to continue to mix with like-minded people, have access to weekly live Q&A calls where I can answer your challenges in a timely fashion PLUS monthly masterclasses with downloads, checklists, etc you can use in your business. As the library builds, so will the value for you. You'll be invited to continue in the group after you've completed the 12-month program.
© 2024 Veronica Morgan
All rights reserved.
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